An infinitely confined future dreamscape; one may experience a sense of disembodiment and drift on a journey throughout their own psyche.

Isolation, disembodiment, and journey were the subjects of Drift Velocity, an immersion exhibition held at Lower Bottom Gallery, Oakland CA, Jan. 12th - Feb. 1st, 2013. The exhibition consisted of 150 independently programmed LED's [light + sound], dimmed light bulbs, 5 8X10 ft oil paintings, and open flame. I had the pleasure of collaborating with master tech artist & programmer Dan McAnulty (Miils College MFA '11).

The term 'Drift Velocity' describes the collective movement of electrons through a conductor in an electric field - each electron describing its own path through the field as it jumps from atom to atom.  The vertical lines of the hanging lamps create a visual movement down from the top of the gallery space meant to complement the outward direction of the landscapes of Exit Series.  The immersive nature of the installation permits the audience to stand inside of the piece while gazing out onto the other possible worlds radiating out from the walls of the gallery.

Exit Series by Rhea Cutillo is a focus on horizon lines. The kind that are not cut off by buildings or trees, but go on only as far as the eye can see and are essentially unreachable. Meant to be expansions of space into different worlds, or different paths one can choose from, the paintings lead to a destination that will always be unattainable. The origin for the series of paintings comes from a personal crossroads, seeming that all choices for the future are infinite, but none feel possible. This series plays on the sense of limited vs limitless.